Monday, April 24, 2017

Ambassador Morgenthau and the Armenian Genocide

A horrible story, but it's important that we remember it.

As the top American official in Turkey during the early years of World War I, Henry Morgenthau, Sr. received hourly reports from all over the country of the Armenian Genocide. In this video, I read Morgenthau's account of the tragedy from his 1918 book, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story.

Warning: contains graphic descriptions and images of torture and genocide.

Michael Isenberg writes about the Muslim world, medieval and modern, exposing Islamists and supporting reformers. His forthcoming novel, The Thread of Reason, is a murder mystery that takes place in Baghdad in the year 1092 and depicts the battle for the Muslim soul between those who embraced science and tolerance, and those who threw in their lot with mysticism and persecution instead.